White Russian Cocktail Recipe

white russian kokteyl tarifi cocktal recipe

Hello folks! This one is my personal favorite. White Russian is one of the easiest cocktails and doesn't require a shaker or a strainer. You can understand why it is my favorite :) But you have to be careful, this cocktail involves milk or cream and you must choose your ingredients wisely if you are lactose intolerant. 


- 4cl Vodka

- 2cl Kahlua(or any other coffee liqueur)

- 2cl cream or whole milk

- Ice


How to prepare;

- Fill an old fashioned glass halfway with ice,

- First, pour vodka then coffee liqueur,

- Pour cream or milk and stir gently. Be sure to watch how the milk and the liqueur mixing beautifully :)


Important Notice: You can use either cream or liqueur. Do not be afraid to use the cream, for cream is just milk with higher fat concentration. I think the best way is to thin the cream by adding a little bit of milk into it. 

Important Notice 2: Be extremely cautious if you have lactose intolerance. Even though the taste will suffer, you must use lactose-free or 1-2% milk.