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Velvet Hammer Cocktail Recipe


Hi Folks,

Here we are with another cocktail recipe. Although you won't be needing a shaker or a strainer, this cocktail requires a little bit of practice and skill. We will be doing one of the most well-known layered-shots around, B-52!

Let's take a look at the ingredients first:

- Coffee Liqueur(ex: Kahlua),
- Irish Cream(ex: Baileys),
- Grand Marnier(or you can use Cointreau),
- Bar spoon,
- Shot glass

How to mix:

1. Pour the coffee liqueur until 1/3 of the glass if filled
2. Gently layer the Irish Cream
3. Gently layer the orange liqueur

How to layer:

Successfully layering drinks may require a little bit of practice. After filling the glass with the first drink, insert the spoon into the glass with the concave part facing up. The spoon may touch the inner surface of the glass or stand very close to it. Gently pour the drink over the bowl of the spoon while keeping a steady flow avoid agitating the previous layer.

How to drink?

Of course the first option is to just chug it but if you want to impress your friends, you  can set the orange liqueur on fire with a lighter and drink the cocktail through a straw. The layered composition of the cocktail allows you to taste different flavors back to back creating a great mouth feel.


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